Texturing or Mirror Polishing Molds
New Tool Sourcing
We can help you source new tools from the best manufacturers worldwide

Source New Injection Molds
Let us help you choose the right material for your application and the best injection mold maker for your budget and needs

Injection Mold Sourcing


Through our parent company, Ikegami Mold of Japan, our sister company, Ikegami Honyi China, long-time partners Yaw Horng Steel Mold in Taiwan and Daedurk MTI in Korea, we provide the engineering design assistance and manufacture new injection molds with the industry’s leading suppliers in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and around the world.

Not only Ikegami Mold, but also both Yaw Horng and Daedurk have decades of experience on various types of toolings, designing the most complex injection molds for small, mass-production components to the largest tools for automotive, electronics and heavy industrial applications.

Use Ikegami Mold de Mexico’s facilities for final staging (landing) and quality assurance of outsourced tools, having Ikegami perform small pre-installation modifications and even texturing or mirror polishing molds before delivery. And when it’s time to repair or modify tools, bring them back to Ikegami Mold de Mexico for expert refurbishing to your original specifications.